Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Work versus Private Life

With all the social media options out there, I am having a hard time keeping my two lives separate. Executives at customer sites add me as friends on Facebook, I have a Twitter account that work people follow, and I have this blog which is mostly private life focused.....I am not sure I have much to blog about work stuff but definitely could but am not sure my 'private life' followers care about marketing posts.

So, how do you separate the two. For me, having 2 accounts for everything would be utter craziness. I have taken advantage of Facebook's "lists" so I can determine who sees what but then there is my Twitter account. I tweet about my social life, where I am going to get my hair cut and also about activities going on for work. Here, if I blog about my puppy or my family life, is that letting too much information available for my peers at work?

I think someone should develop a program that would update your "status" and you could check a box that means it is for "Private Life" or "Work Life" and all your outlets would be updated appropriately.

1 comment:

  1. If you could invent this, you would be set for life! I am sure everyone would want something that could separate their work from their personal life!