My Leap List

What I don't get to before the next leap will default to bucket list. I will constantly add to this!

1. Go to New Zealand
2. Own another horse
3. Go to Montana - preferably a dude ranch type place!
4. Learn to sew - not just use that sticky stuff for hems.
5. Own a Kitchen Aid and make something using it
6. Go to Fiji
7. Whitewater rafting in Colorado River
8. Own my own home
9. Pay off student loan debt
10. Go shark diving
11. Take a full cooking course (love the mini one at LAEATZ)
12. Go to Greece
13. Go to Italy
14. Go to Montecarlo
15. Do a triathlon (even if it's just a sprint)
16. Take a trip around the world (no more specific places)
17.  Go to Australia
18. Bungee jump
19. Sky dive
20. Go scuba diving (Great Barrier Reef)

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