About Me

I am a marketing professional in my early 30's. Two years ago, I moved from Boston to California and began working from home. I wear flip flops more often than I wear heels and I miss my cute heels! I feel sad when my feet are sore after wearing them, they used to be my comfy shoes. I am trying to be more stylish even though I don't get out as much as I would like.
On the homefront, we recently bought and are in the process of restoring a Craftsman bungalow. I am dying to decorate it but get stuck on the details and of course, we are waiting for funding to come in.
Finally, after finishing my MBA and buying this house, I am BROKE so everything I post will be on a budget and I will make a lot of mistakes and fashion faux pas to laugh at. I hope many of you can offer me advice, inspire me and more importantly I hope that you are inspired and know that we all can be stylish, even when we feel average.