Monday, January 23, 2012

Gray or white??

Okay, here is the paint scheme for my new room.  I am going to paint the furniture white to freshen it up.  Should I go with white, gray or white with gray for the bedding?  I have a white cat and a dark fat siamese so I have to consider these when buying but I'm leaning towards gray but feel like I should go towards white with gray??  White is safe but if the furniture is white, won't that be blah..

These are my faves. Which one, which one??


  1. I have the middle gray one (in another color) and love it. Plus, it's organic. I have the bottom collection in the shams only in gray also that I use with a yellow and white duvet cover that I have. Mix and match if you want to. ;)

  2. I chose the pintuck in the "sea foam" which really is a really light gray. The dark gray was too much so I am going to buy dark gray throw pillows and throw along with some colored pillows. I also want to do the mix and match shams but again, the dark gray was too much so it's just boring right now. Blog to come soon.