Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Stripe update - UGHHHHHH

At 6:00AM, I woke up realizing that I am a complete idiot.  So, I have a lot on my plate right now and i am going to blame my mistakes on my head being in too many places at once.  But if I am honest, it's probably not the first time I've accidently skipped a step.  Hey, when you are cooking and you more or less follow the recipe, that is when the yummiest mistakes happen.  But this was more of a skipping a step while baking and having a collapsed souffle.

So, as you may know, I decided to re-paint my Dad's guest room.  Three walls will be solid and one wall will have stripes.  I decided to tackle the stripe wall in between coats on the other three walls.  I should have completely FOCUSED on this wall though and had a plan.

Mistake #1 - Premature Taping: I primed the entire wall but forgot to ALSO paint the entire wall in the base color.  I taped too soon and now will have to tape again. 

So, as I was 3/4 of the way done taping and realized the above mistake, I decided not to tape of the last corner and just paint all that the base color.  My Dad suggested I remove all the tape but I was too stubborn and still would have made...

Mistake #2:  Lack of math skills: I measured out the entire wall and put the tape down.  Awesome, I knew I would have to do this again for color #2 but who doesn't love a challenge?  At 6:00am this morning, I woke up looking at the wall and realized that I measured correctly, but put the paint on the WRONG side.  This means the stripes I finished last night are 1.5" too narrow.

Here are my options:

Option #1:  Put up tape for my 2nd color lines, paint those and THEN re-tape to make up the 1.5" from color #1.

Option #2: Remove tape, paint rest of wall color #1.  Re-tape and put tape in correct spots for color #2. 

Option #3: Add a 3rd color stripe, like a light gray to the mix.I could paint the 2nd color in the current tape and then after it is dry, re-tape for the 1.5" stripes to go in between the thick stripes. I would have to really think about this to make sure it will work.

Option #4:  Paint the entire wall the off-white and make it my accent wall.

I haven't removed the tape yet, so fingers crossed no paint seeped under.  However, I read that when I re-tape, if I paint the edges with paint color #1 first, that color will seep under.  Then paint over full section with color #2.  Color #2 won't seep since color #1 is already filling those sections.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Guest room - Paint colors

Here is a little peak.

Martha Stewart - River Mist

Martha Stewart - Picket Fence

Martha Stewart - Bakery Box White

As I was previewing this blog post in my blog theme, I am noticing a color trend. ;)
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Monday, December 19, 2011

Like I'm not busy enough! Guest room makeover

Christmas time is busy enough but that is when I finally decide to re-do my Dad's guest room.  It is undergoing a major transformation.  I'm excited to see the end result. 

The good thing about picking out the weekend that I did was Martha Stewart paint was on sale at Home Depot for $13 a gallon! 

Yesterday I tackled priming the ceiling and one coat of ceiling paint.  I think it was enough.  Then I put a coat on the walls but it's going to need another, boo!  My Dad said it didn't need primer and the guy at Home Depot suggested a particular roller so I only needed one coat.  I'm not sure who was right. 

Next up, putting the painters tape on the walls for the stripes and probably another coat on the walls.


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

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Friday, December 2, 2011

Drool Factor Friday


Brownies made in a waffle maker - genius!


Sweater boot socks with tights/leggings - so cute!

Faraway land

Andalusia, Spain


NPK - Always Awesome