Monday, December 19, 2011

Like I'm not busy enough! Guest room makeover

Christmas time is busy enough but that is when I finally decide to re-do my Dad's guest room.  It is undergoing a major transformation.  I'm excited to see the end result. 

The good thing about picking out the weekend that I did was Martha Stewart paint was on sale at Home Depot for $13 a gallon! 

Yesterday I tackled priming the ceiling and one coat of ceiling paint.  I think it was enough.  Then I put a coat on the walls but it's going to need another, boo!  My Dad said it didn't need primer and the guy at Home Depot suggested a particular roller so I only needed one coat.  I'm not sure who was right. 

Next up, putting the painters tape on the walls for the stripes and probably another coat on the walls.


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