Friday, October 21, 2011

Drool Factor Friday: Rojo Tall Cabinet

I have decided that a red cabinet would be awesome.  It would add a pop of color to all my other furniture and the neutral walls.  This looks brown online but I have seen other pictures and am in LOVE.  You can add this fabulous-ness to my Christmas list. 

Rojo Tall Cabinet from Crate & Barrel

Thursday, October 20, 2011

My rant on the Ohio exotic animal tragedy

WARNING: Images below may be unsuitable for some viewers.

Photo courtesy of LA Times

I know most of my posts are light and fun but I am really upset about a story all over the news yesterday.  I apologize in advance if any of my language offends you.

I will start with the preface that I didn't go and research all the laws and what not.  I am going to go off what I heard on the news, although they have left some stuff out too.  So, if something is not true, please correct me.

I am sure most of you heard about the tragedy in Ohio.  Many wouldn't describe it as a tragedy but if Michael Vick's debacle was a tragedy than so is this.  Some douche had 56 dangerous exotic animals at his property.  Yesterday, he let them all loose and then shot himself.  Law enforcement shot and killed all but 6 of those animals.  I think a monkey is still on the loose or they are also saying one of the animals may have eaten it.

Here is why I am pissed.  Yes, pissed and sad. 

First, I don't think ANYONE should be allowed to keep dangerous exotic animals.  Half the zoos I visit don't even have sufficient "cages" for the animals.  How can the average person properly care for a tiger or bear?  They can't!  Yes, there are some really RICH people in Vegas who have acres and train their tigers. Even he was mauled by one of them.  I guess I am more okay with those as they have LOTS of room, are raised from babies (I think) and trained.  Anyhow, the average person should NOT be allowed to keep these animals.  I guess I would go with the standpoint that if it is legal, it should be VERY regulated. Although I am not sure who in government can determine what is proper care and space for say, a bear.

Second, the law.  In April 2011, Ohio did not renew the law that prohibited people convicted of animal cruelty from owning exotics.  Ummm, anyone convicted of animal cruelty shouldn't be able to own ANY pets, in my opinion.  That's like letting a sex offender be the school janitor or worse, a babysitter.  There are 10 states that allow this and to be honest, I don't have any sympathy for the state and how much first responders cost when things like this happen.  If I were a citizen of one of these states I would raise of fuss on one of two grounds.  Animal welfare and taxes.  Yes, tax payers, your state is probably close to broke yet they had to spend all this money on a safari in your town.

Third, if the state isn't going to have any laws against residents keeping dangerous exotic animals, then they need to train the first responders on how to deal with it.  The local vet might not have tranquilizers that work on say, a tiger!  I understand they tried to tranquilize a few of these animals but it didn't work.  You know why, because the state and local government hasn't given the responders the training or the equipment.  Listen, if they can tranquilize wild elephants in Africa, then I think there was a way to tranquilize these animals and move them.  I can see having to put a few down but all?  They were loose and scared which equals unpredictable. 

Result with plenty of blame to go around - Photo from

Remember that lady who was attacked at her friends house by her pet gorilla?  Come on now, I had horses and they were unpredictable enough.  I was kicked and bit numerous times over the years.  Animals are unpredictable, exotic or not.  My boyfriend had stitches in his lip after my cat got scared in the middle of the night. Whoops! 

Animals can't protect themselves or speak.  They rely on us to take proper care of them.  It is our responsibility and we don't do a good enough job with domestic animals, who needs to add dangerous and exotic animals to the mix.

Monday, October 17, 2011

My Christmas Wish list - Round One

This is MY Christmas list.  It can be as extravagant as I want.  :P

Apple iPad

Michael Kors oversized watch, I think this is the one I liked?

Toms Classic 301 - These actually look good on me AND it gives back to those in need

LL Bean Hearthside slippers

Hunter wellies - In Navy?
These just look SO cozy.

Le Creuset French Oven
Red or orange, circle or oval, 3.5 or 5 qt?  Decisions.

Cavallini 2012 Garden calendar

Paper Source 2012 Wall Art calendar
Perfect stocking stuffer - Body Buffer from Lush or Fresh??

Most of all, I want a cure for ovarian cancer for my Mom

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Orange you glad to see me

Listen, I know it's a love or hate color.  But I am LOVING the orange craze and I even more psyched that Gwenyth is leading the charge as she is blond and has plae pink skin but it still rocking the orange.  I'm not sure there is anything Gwenyth can't rock!

Courtesy of CocoPerez and RealStyleNetwork

I think you can do a pop of color in a variety of ways.  You can wear a full orange dress with some nude heels.  You can add an orange clutch, skinny belt, or flats with a neutral outfit.  You may know that I was onto this trend back in May when I bought this dress.

Clockwise from upper left (outside in): Milly dress - Nordstrom, Sun God Bracelet - Forever 21, Coach bag, Jersey Snood - Topshop, Halston Heritage Dress - Nordstrom, Bag - Banana Republic, Cardigan - Nordstrom, Anna flat -, Skater dress - Topshop, colorblock knit - Nordstrom, Flower Bracelet - Topshop

  I love the turquoise jewelry that I think can go with this just as much as coral?  Really make it pop.  I of course bought mine at Forever 21, who can beat a $2.99 costume necklace or bangles?

If you are afraid to WEAR the orange, how about put it in your house?  You can NEVER go wrong with the Le Creuset dutch oven in orange. 

Clockwise from upper left: Citrus Punch Apron - TwoScissors - etsy, Owl cookie jar - Anthropologie, Kasset box - Ikea, One More Cup dish towel - Anthropolgie, Le Creuset dutch oven, Orange Pillow - Etsy

If any of your fellow bloggers know how to create a board of pictures like I have here with hyperlinks built in and then post on Blogger, please help. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What do sushi, Donald Draper, meat, and airplanes have in common?

It's been a few years since I really thought about a Halloween costume because honestly, no one I know ever has a party.  Even still, I went on Etsy to look at the cute and creative costumes.  These were my faves.

I couldn't find any costumes but I think you could find accessories and make your own costumes for:
  • Pippa Middleton 
    • Key items:  Good booty 

  • Duchess Kate
    • Key items:  Sapphire engagement ring, funky hat & William 

  • Senator Weiner
    • Key items:  Cell phone and ...... 
 Um, sorry, gross content!

  • Lady Gaga 
    • Meat dress 

I figured it might be nice to have options that don't involve being a slut?

Favorite kids costume hands down:

By Etsy seller Notthekitchensink