Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What do sushi, Donald Draper, meat, and airplanes have in common?

It's been a few years since I really thought about a Halloween costume because honestly, no one I know ever has a party.  Even still, I went on Etsy to look at the cute and creative costumes.  These were my faves.

I couldn't find any costumes but I think you could find accessories and make your own costumes for:
  • Pippa Middleton 
    • Key items:  Good booty 

  • Duchess Kate
    • Key items:  Sapphire engagement ring, funky hat & William 

  • Senator Weiner
    • Key items:  Cell phone and ...... 
 Um, sorry, gross content!

  • Lady Gaga 
    • Meat dress 

I figured it might be nice to have options that don't involve being a slut?

Favorite kids costume hands down:

By Etsy seller Notthekitchensink

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