Monday, January 24, 2011

Escape the boredom!

I work from home and as you may know, we are renovating our house.  My office is also the man cave meaning in one corner is my workspace and on the opposite wall is a 46" TV that often has video games on it.  It's awesome (insert sarcasm here).  My goal is to walk in and just see a space that I enjoy being in for 8 hours a day.  I finally have my corner office so I don't want it filled with Staples office supplies making it feel like any other cubicle, complete with hamster wheel.   I would love to see some finished offices if anyone has pictures/links they would like to share.  Here are some of the looks I love.  The walls are gray and I have also posted my "design board" so you can see the colors I may go with.  I want to make sure it's bright and fun, yet classy and me.  If you can't tell, I'm really into the green shades but am leaning towards that or a light teal color or a blend. 

My office design board

Wallflutter Set to pin on wall

Twiggy Office Storage Boxes

Brocade Desktop File

Semikolon Folder Box     

Jane's Stapler

Bird Song Paperweight

A card I plan to frame and put above my desk  
Idea for above desk instead of frames? 
Another Shelf idea but add some color too

Framed Bulletin Board - DIY

Some cute shops online:

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