Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Perusing Portland - Part Two

I stopped at Urban Outfitters to see if a particular dress would fit and O.M.G., the lighting or the mirrors were awful. They did NO justice to my poor body that hasn't been worked out in MONTHS and has been intaking junk like its going out of style. I mean, come on, if you want me to buy clothes while carrying an extra 5-10 pounds, please manipulate the mirrors in my favor!! It's better for your bottom line and mine! If I had my own store, I would make all sizes run a size too big (so some fine lady who normally wears a 8 now wears a 6) AND looks skinny and not at all dimply in the mirror. I know it's not right BUT you know you like it better when you have to go down a size.   However, here is the super cute dress that has caused much drama and frusturation the last few days.  What do you do when an online store has the WORST customer service and policies but really cute stuff? 

I also found an AMAZING pottery shop, direct from Poland. Very cute stuff. Not only cute but dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe! Check them out in Portland and Seattle or online at http://www.polishpotteryseattle.com/. They have limited stuff online but you can call and they will send you pictures of other designs you might like.

I finished the evening at 23 Hoyt and it was amazing, so I went to the area Kirstin suggested but never made it to the other stores she suggested, there were too many great places to stop in!

So, I have returned to my bed, blisters on my feet, psyched that I found a cool option in case CA begins to wear on me.

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