Friday, October 22, 2010

Oh the weather outside is frightful!

I lived in New England for 20 years and although I can't say I miss the long winter or the slush filled sidewalks or the days where you can only wear your REAL winter boots, not just the cute ones.  However, I do miss the cute winter coats.  I did have a bit of a coat obsession and loved picking one out in the morning.

Winter coats have only been cute the last few years and maybe that is because I moved to Boston and saw such a selection. I felt that function was first, fashion, um never?  You know, the ones that had the fleece liner and the water resistant shell in black with some color blocks?  Now that I live in Lalaland, I get excited for trips to the cold purely so I can don my warm bundles of fashion!

It has been raining and gray here in LA for a week so it got me inspired, if I lived somewhere I needed a new winter coat, what would I choose?  Here are some of my faves after a quick glance. 

This comes in a longer version as well. 

All the coats from Aritzia are super cute and look very warm! 

Love color in the ugly gray winters

Great sporty look and warm too.  My NF has the softest fuzziest liner. 

This one I could wear here in LA!  Love this color!

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