Friday, March 19, 2010

Monthly post

I was looking through my history and nocied I post about once per month.  It's funny, sometimes when I think of something to blog, I am working so probably isn't the best time to blog but right now I have a virus on my computer and am running some malware program and can't do any real work.  :) 

Tomorrow I am competing in the Great Urban Race LA.  I am super excited because I think it is going to be a blast.  I am very competitive person and so is my better half.  I have decided my mindset is going to go in to have fun, I don't care if I come in last place, just have fun!  I don't know downtown LA, the public transit system or anything really so I am going to really on my iPhone, P and female intuition.   Not sure how that intuition works in a race, but I am going to go with it!!  Basically the race is a one-day Amazing Race with funky costumes and basic chaos!  Amazing Race meets Studio 54?  Well, the outfits anyhow, not the drugs or sex portions.  I'll let you know how I do and will be sure to post pics.  I am thinking of outfits for us now but P isn't one to really wear crazy outfits....even though he wears brown floral board shorts with red and gray plaid long sleeve shirts on a regular basis.  However, I don't see him wearing bright pink from American Apparel yet that is where I am thinking of heading in a few.  I'm thinking bright shirts, me in a matching wig (although that might be too hot) and some fun knee high socks.  I am thinking P might only go along with the bright shirt part, since we do have to match. 

I think 30 really does change you.  I am training for my second half marathon and doing this Great Urban Race.  Well, I have always loved the Amazing Race but the running part?  If I had only known that the first 1-2 miles are always the hardest, no matter how in shape you are, maybe I would have started running sooner.  I swear, the first mile I always think I am never going to make it to 4 miles or whatever but keep on trekking and what do I know but soon enough I am at 4 miles.  I just pray that my foot problem and cramps don't come and runs are for the most part enjoyable.  Copley ran with me today but he has something in common with me, we aren't the biggest fans of working out/running in the heat.  I feel like I tire more easily and just don't enjoy it as much.  So for this week's "easy" run we ran 2 miles in the heat (well, it was 75 but muggy and full sun, no shade) and walked the third and looked at all the cute houses in Pasadena.  He is now napping and I am waiting for my darm computer to be virus-free.  I think my computer is somewhat of a slut (sorry can't think of a more PC term).  Can't you just say no to all those worms and trojans and viruses (don't those all just sound a little dirty).  Come on Dell, just say no!!! 

Au revoir!! 

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  1. Good luck with the race today. You should also check out CitySolve Urban Race