Friday, February 5, 2010

Top 10 things I'm wishing

1. Space.... A driveway where I don't have to move my car in the morning or anytime to let P out.
2.  Sanity.....A nanny to entertain Copley in the afternoons.
3.  Peace....For my student loan debt & any of the BAD debt to just go away.
4.  Family....A healthy family....and my own babies when the right time comes.
5.  Freedom.....For everyone to have the right to their own opinion but remember that EVERYONE has reasons for why they feel the way they do and they don't need to be attacked for thinking that way.
6.  Shelter....To have my own house one day and have it be full of natural sunlight, the smell of cookies and herbs (not at the same time), twitter patter of little feet and full of love.  Someplace I love coming home to.
7.  Serenity....Tomorrow morning, if it's still rainy, just staying in bed all snuggled up. 
8.  Relaxation.....For next week to hurry up so Mom and I can go on our cruise!!
9.  Inspiration...To get my butt in gear so I can make my Amazing Race video
10.  Love....My P to come home safely and soon.

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