Thursday, November 10, 2011

Garage Inspirations

When you whole house is 967sf, you dream of how to make your yard, your garage livable.  The backyard is in dream mode to becoming an outdoor living space so friends can come over.  Look for a future post of the dream ideas for that.

The garage is about 1.5 cars wide and may be able to fit a little loft with a mattress but not much.  Here's to hoping that the Christmas decorations etc can be moved to the little attic in the house.

The garage will have multiple personality disorder, but it will be a GREAT thing.  It will serve as the following:
  • Tool shed
  • Home office
  • Man cave
  • Guest room (once there is a little one in the 2nd bedroom)
Here are some of the conversions that are inspiring me.  You can also check out my ongoing inspiration additions on my Garage Conversion Pinterest board.

Have any of you seen any dual space garage conversions?  We don't want to do any "real" walls so if we sell the house, they can always convert it back to a garage. 

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