Thursday, July 21, 2011

Nordstrom Shoe Sale

Nordstrom is my happy place and it has been for a long time, thanks my Aunt Carol and Grandma Vivian for introducing me at an early age.  When I moved to New England, I had to settle for other stores but couldn't wait to visit a Nordstrom once I hit the golden coast.  The first one that opened in MA opened on my birthday and yes, I went!  Happy Birthday to ME!!

Anyhow, Nordstrom is having their Anniversary sale and here are the shoes I love.  You can link to them all by just visiting  I am on a budget so am trying to put the credit card down and just write about my loves instead.  Ugh, working from home does not let me justify buying cute shoes as often as I would like.  Also, living in sunny CA does not let me justify buying as many pairs of boots as I would like.  In Boston, I always bought 2 new pairs every fall.  One brown and one black.  Now I want gray and chestnut too!

Nothing super trendy or sparkly, just classic shoes that would look great in my closet and on my feet!

I digress...enjoy and I will try to stop drooling and put the card away!! I wish I could have a shoe registry like others have for babies, weddings and 2nd weddings!  It would be very SATC of me.

Enzo Angiolini Scully - great classics

Fergie Varsity - love these, not sure about the bottom strap though.

Frye Strappy Jane - I REALLY am dreaming about owning a pair of Frye's one day!

Hunter Kellen - would totally wear if I still lived in Boston!

Joan & David - I love shiny things!

REPORT Belzer boot - I like this gray boot too, the nubuck adds texture.

Sorel Tivoli - these look SO comfy and warm but I live in LA!  Cute with skinny jeans.

Vince Camuto Zisson - I passed these over first view but these would be really cute on!  Skirt or skinny jeans?
Very Wang - yes, I want a pair and wish I had a place to wear these.  Also, hoping the boots wouldn't give my legs muffin tops :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

At the end of your rope err, scarf?

I can do many things but one thing I continue to struggle with it how to tie scarves so they look cute and like I didn't really try.  Well, I wanted to write a blog post about how to do this but I just tripped on this site and couldn't compete.  Enjoy!!

Here are some of my favorites that I will try...once the temperature drops of course. 

Four in Hand - this is my go to & I actually knew this one!!

Loose Wrap - yes, I figured this out on my own too!
False Infinity - Finally, this is the one I couldn't figure out how to make it look cute.

With all of these, I think practice makes perfect and choosing the right scarf.  Can't wait for fall...although maybe a really long scarf would look cute with a bikini???  Good luck ladies and please share your favorite scarf tying tricks.

Here are two other helpful resources for you: