Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Try at DIY - Custom Doormat

I know, I know, I complain I have very few followers but then I don't post for a few weeks?!!?  For that I apologize as too much personal stuff going on.  All I will say is paint your toes teal for my Mom.  She's in for the fight of her life!!

This is a new segment called, "My Try at DIY."  I decided I could take my boring brown doormat and make it more fun after being inspired by other bloggers.  It was REALLY easy, cheap and fun!

To do this project, you can check out the sites who gave me my inspiration  but see my tips below.  Yellow Brick Home and Restored Style.

Doormat - Ikea - Under $10
Spray Paint - Hardware store - under $10 

Unfortunately, while I ran inside to grab something, my dog and helper, Copley decided it would be funny to play keep away so now my K has "character" with teeth marks!  Sweet, classy, tasteful but with bite - kinda like me.  :)  

Step #1:  Make your stencil
Tip:  I used PowerPoint to make mine and printed on card stock.  Since we have a Craftsman Bungalow, I made my own version of the Craftsman style squares you often see.

Blank canvas
Step #2:  Tape your stencil to the door mat AFTER measuring.

Stencils - don't forget to measure twice, paint once!
Step #3:  Paint!   
I did only one coat since I moved the stencil.  If you want to do more coats, than do multiple stencils OR just leave in place and do the coats.  It will just take more time.

Done!  K is my first initial and P's last initial since we live in sin! 
 Step #4:  Place in front of door and admire! 

Our new doormat with our door newly stained!  Still need hardware though.

Door when we bought house.  Can't wait to get rid of painted porch and stucco!!
It's the original door but after P and his Dad took a day or two, it looks AMAZING!  It's like getting your eyebrows waxed, your amazed afterwards how it just makes everything look better!  :) 

*Sorry for the pictures being sideways, either Blogger or Picasa was not being my friend! 

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