Friday, February 25, 2011

Time to put the tea on

It's been chilly here in SoCA the past few days and today pouring rain.  They even said maybe snow on Sunday!?!?!?  Say what??  I know, I know all you peeps living in New England, it's been a brutal winter but it's all relative.  50 degrees is cold when you are used to 75, just like 20 is cold when you are used to 45!  You know who you are, the ones who wear t-shirts and shorts when it's barely 45 outside on a random day in February.

I've been really wanting a tea kettle since I got my new coffeemaker.  I would like a cute one so it's also kitchen decor.  I would love something to add a pop of color since it's white kitchen with black counters.  The walls are yellow and I'd think I'd like to accent in some red, oranges and greens. I love the red but I'm kind of digging the blue pot and the cute mugs.

Le Creuset Whistling Tea Kettle - love this in red, Caribbean blue, and orange.

Le Creuset Halo Tea Kettle

Anthropologie Coiling Dot Mug

Tea kettle necklace on Etsy

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