Friday, August 13, 2010

Do you read this? Do you want to?

I need to have a better "theme" to my blog. I have a house renovation blog but for various reasons it can't be public. What am I good at writing about that would be fun and interesting for readers? All 2 of you. If I just talk about what is going on in my life, this will be empty because I never feel like anything is that new or exciting to talk about....hence why I am so BAD at calling my friends! Leave a comment and give me ideas.

Here are my top thoughts:
- A girl's adventures in doing one "domestic" adventure every day/week and writing about it. Taking a sewing class, making something, new recipe, etc.
- Life & Relationships - talking about my adventures in dating (before my current relationship) and my current adventures in making a relationship tick.
- Random - topic can change, write whatever is on my mind and know no one is listening. :)
- Home renovations - after the inspection, all the fixer-upper projects going on around the house. Possible but starting to feel burnt out on this but if people are interested, it might re-ignite me.


  1. How about a blog about all the fun things you can still do because you don't have kids yet? ;)

  2. Then I might just sound bitter and selfish.