Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Races, Zones and Cameras!

I have never applied to be on a reality show or any show. The last and only time i was ever on television, it was in 6th grade on a local TV station in Maine for making a gingerbread train. To be honest, the second a camera is put in my face, I clam up. I am horribly un-photogenic and sound like a blubbering idiot in my opinion, mainly because I am so nervous. If you give me something to do and I don't really feel the cameras, then I am ok.

First off, I need to make a video with my uncle to send in with our application. Luckily, I have 2 creative directors in my Dad and Aunt that will come up with cool ideas so it isn't just a boring video of us talking about ourselves. I wouldn't say that is my strong suit, nor my uncles. What even attracts casting people anyhow? He's a driven businessman, finished his 1st Ironman at 60, has an amazing family, is a cancer survivor and just overall warm person. Me....well I have a good sense of direction, level headed, like to travel, and might be fun to watch on TV....or really annoying?

So, maybe you will see me on the next Amazing Race, maybe you won't but I will be straying outside my comfort zone just to apply. This is something that I think is really important and every time I have wandered outside this mental zone, it has been one of my most memorable experiences. Of course, thankfully, they all haven't been broadcasted to the world!!!

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